Tryouts & Team Selection

The top players in each tryout will be selected from each Region regardless of how many players come from the 
same Tier II team.

The tryout will be open to any interested Tier II player. Boys and girls are welcome to tryout.

The tryouts will be held a central location within each region and be concluded in one night unless a Region has more than one tryout date. Check the WAHA website for tryout dates, times and locations.

If more than 60 players sign up in any one WAHA Region then an additional tryout date may be added in that Region.

If more than 10 goaltenders sign up for tryouts in any Region at a single birth year, then an additional tryout date will be added.
There will be a separate tryout at each birth year.

The tournament is open to Pee Wee age players. All players must register for and play in their actual birth year group. If a younger skater "played up" in age classification during the past season they will not be eligible to play in the Kohlman Cup until their birth year is eligible.

Area coaches will assist with tryouts and selection.

Players will be evenly divided into light and dark tryout pinnies or jerseys. The number on the tryout jersey is the only identification evaluators will have for skaters.

The best players will be selected from each Region regardless of how many players may come from the same Tier II team or position they play.


We are a proud member of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey